Travel Well- Naturally

I am FINALLY making it to the UK!!!! Weeeeeeeee!!! So excited!!!!!! 

There, now that's out of the way, I'll share with you some valuable information that was brought to my attention this week. I'm currently packing for three weeks away in the UK and have started putting together the supplements I'm taking with me. Having done a fair bit of traveling in my time, I feel like I have perfected the contents of my ‘naturopathic first aid kit’. There are plenty of natural supplements that can help you stay well while traveling, and reduce your use of pharmaceutical medication. I have always taken these, or a version of these supplements with me and have only ever been sick for 1 day. I've used these supplements through Asia, Indonesia, Africa and South America so their value to me is priceless. Here are my favourites that always come with me on holiday.

Immune Support

It’s very important to support your immune system while traveling, especially if you are one of those people who takes a holiday and immediately comes down with a cold or flu. Before I fly I make sure I’ve been taking an immune supporting supplement that with Andrographis, Echinacea, vitamin C and Zinc for a few days, as well as taking additional vitamin C and Zinc to ward off any nasties that might be hovering on the plane. Depending where I’m going, I may take this supplement all the way through my travels, or use if I feel I’ve been exposed to illness. It can also be used in high doses if you do get sick and is one of the best natural antibiotics I have come across.

I also bring along a herbal throat spray which is excellent for sore throats, dry throats and tickles. 


Tummy Troubles

One of the biggest problems while traveling overseas is the possibility of picking up a tummy bug. Sometimes even just a change of diet can cause a bit of an upset stomach, constipation or diahorrea.

If traveling to a third world country such as Bali, Thailand, or India, I take hydrocholoric acid supplements before every main meal. Hydrochloric acid is a natural substance made by the stomach to digest food. Using a supplement can help improve digestion and also kill off bacteria and parasites that may travel into the body from food consumed.

In addition to this, I take SB (saccharomyces cerevisiae/boulardii)- a special type on non-colonising yeast that helps prevent bad bugs from taking hold in the digestive tract. This supplement can also treat travellers diahorrea if you do happen to come down with something. I have actually used SB to prevent food poisoning after eating some dodgy thai green chicken curry. I woke burpy and nauseous, took 6 capsules over the course of an hour and all my symptoms went away. I was right as rain the next day.

Another item that’s always in my first aid kit is Nux Vomica- a homeopathic remedy. This helps treat nausea, hangovers, overindulgence and tummy upset. I feel I will be dishing this out liberally in the UK as my partner reunites with all his wild uncles who enjoy a drink or 10...

And of course I always take a small supply of bowel stimulating supplements. Often changes in the diet or even just long flights can cause constipation, so I always keep a few on hand to use if needed.


Headaches, Backaches and Pain

For all of the above, I bring along a magnesium supplement. Fantastic for any cramps, spasms or aches, it can be perfect for use after a long hike, a big day of site seeing, period pain or an uncomfortable bed.

I also bring some high strength turmeric supplements for their anti-inflammatory action. These are great for any inflammatory type pain including headaches, migraines and period pain.

For muscles, I have a tube of Fisiocrem which I use topically for any muscular discomfort. It works especially well for stiff necks after long bus or plane rides or unfamiliar pillows.

Jet Lag

When you’re travelling, you don’t want jet lag eating up any of your valuable holiday time so I take some herbal sleeping tablets to use on the plane and for the first few nights of a new time zone. These will help encourage sleep without the drowsy feeling the next day.

I also take an Australian Bush flower essence called Travel Essence which can help reduce the effects of different time zones and jet lag.

I know this sounds like a lot, but it all fits into a small-medium toiletries bag and is stowed in my luggage under the plane. I have never had any issues taking supplements into other countries but if you are concerned, ask your naturopath to write you a letter explaining what the items are, what you use them for and bring that along for extra safety.

Only 2 sleeps now until my adventure begins! Happy and healthy travels everyone.